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Street & Mail-Order Tuning

We do everything from a basic tune to change a gear ratio to fine tuning a 2,000 HP monster with a Big Stuff 3 enging management unit. We’ve tuned over 10,000 GM powered vehicles, so you can you have peace of mind when choosing Speed Inc.

Street & Mail-Order Tuning

GM Basic Tune


1997-Current "Basic tune" Includes the following:

Desired fan activation temp (for low temp t-stats)
Torque management removal (a must for LSx automatic cars with aftermarket converter)
Rear O2 sensor codes deleted (for cat-delete cars)
Speedo calibration (for gear and tire height changes)
Desired idle speed (for "lopey" cams)
Skip shift function delete
Shift points optimized
Injector size changes

GM Full DYNO-tune

Includes everything in our "Basic tune"
Complete Air/fuel table optimization for maximum HP
Complete Timing table optimization for maximum HP
Includes Dynotime and printouts of dyno runs w/wideband Air/Fuel reading
Includes complete road drivability tuning


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