Speed Inc Street & Mail-Order Tuning

Tuning Request FormWe do everything from a basic tune to change a gear ratio to fine tuning a 2,000 HP monster with a Big Stuff 3 enging management unit. We’ve tuned over 10,000 GM powered vehicles, so you can you have peace of mind when choosing Speed Inc.

Street and Mail-Order Tuning

Basic Tune

1997-Current "Basic tune" Includes the following:

Desired fan activation temp (for low temp t-stats)
Torque management removal (a must for LSx auto cars with aftermarket converter)
Rear O2 sensor codes deleted
Speedo calibration (for gear and tire height changes)
Desired idle speed (for "lopey" cams)
Skip shift function delete
Shift points optimized
Injector size changes
Optional Speed Density Tuning Available
Optional Flex Fuel Tuning Available Where Supported

Full Dyno Tune

Includes everything in our "Basic tune"
Complete Air/fuel table optimization for maximum HP
Complete Timing table optimization for maximum HP
Includes Dynotime and printouts of dyno runs w/wideband Air/Fuel reading
Includes complete road drivability tuning

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