PRC As-Cast 225cc LS1/LS2 Cathedral Heads


Precision Race Components all new as-cast cylinder heads completed with CNC machined chambers & valve guides. For  LS1/LS2 applications requiring a high flow aftermarket cylinder head at a unbelievable price! Priced per pair.


The all new PRC 225cc As-Cast cylinder heads are finally available for customers looking for the ultimate as-cast cathedral LS heads available.  The new PRC as-cast intake port has been flow bench tested to flow over 320cfm & can support everything from smaller camshaft street engines all the way to all out race engines. This cylinder head is a combination of a max-effort, high-flowing port combined with a smaller chamber designed for max power in stock cube applications. You have your choice of the 62cc chambers used in the PRC 227cc cylinder heads or the 68cc chambers used in the PRC 237cc cylinder heads. We can mill additionally to get to your desired chamber size for no additional charge!  

Flow Data: 4.00" Flow Plate - No Exhaust Pipe


 .100"   68 CFM  56 CFM 
 .200"    145 CFM  113 CFM
 .300"    210 CFM  164 CFM
 .400"    257 CFM  200 CFM
 .500"    300 CFM  214 CFM
 .600"    318 CFM  229 CFM
 .650"    321 CFM  230 CFM
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