SJM Line Lock

SJM LS1 F-body Line Lock Kit (Top Mount)
Each Line Lock Kit includes: Pre-formed lines, rebuildable SJM solenoid, master switch with remote LED, control switch, wire, fuse with holder, electrical connectors, complete directions including pictorials and schematics. ABS compatible. Ease of use: Flip the master switch, remote LED illuminates brilliantly. The circuit is live and ready to use via momentary control switch. For safety, when not in use flip the master switch off to prevents accidental deployment of line lock circuitry. Solenoid Mounting Location: Front Mount: mounts on front fender well. Pro: Stealthy Appearance Top Mount: mounts on top of fender well. Pro: Simplified Solenoid installation Note: No modification is necessary to existing brake lines for a direct bolt on kit. No Teflon tape required; fittings come pre-assembled!
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Manufacturer SJM
Application Guide 98-02 F-Body
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